Protecting the Coral Reefs with CTC

As a means to constantly growing alongside you, Lucky Cla is evolving and likes to go by Cla as of now. Represented by its debut season that includes the Coral Collection, Cla wants to embody the aim of being more socially-involved in the prominent issues of today, especially in environmental-related ones. With that in mind, Cla is teaming up with Coral Triangle Center (CTC) as a means of conserving Indonesia’s coral reefs and marine life.

Knowing that Indonesia is made up of an extensive territorial sea and located in the middle of the Coral Triangle, it makes Indonesia the home of a great maritime biodiversity which shall be protected and preserved. For this reason, CTC becomes the most fitting organisation for Cla to work with for they have been persistently bringing about global impact in terms of coral reef ecosystem conservation since 2010. Cla will be collaborating with CTC for a period of 6-month and donate to CTC’s Adopt-A-Coral program to support the growth of 23 baby corals.

This collaboration is hoped to be able to appeal you to the importance of coral conservation and restoration. So, let’s be a part of this exciting journey to safekeep our nature’s treasure and join our Name-A-Coral Giveaway on our Instagram

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